How Does Animation Work?

Apr 14, 2020 at 05:00 am by -gToon

An overview of how animation is made with traditional, 2D-rigged, stop-motion, and CG techniques. A cartoon by Tyler Pacana. Music: Hub World - Yotam Perel Produced at Sher.... Read More

Artist of the Week - GIAREG

Apr 13, 2020 at 06:30 am by -gToon

The talented Renderosity artist giareg is our choice for the April 13, 2020, Artist of the Week. Giareg has a real gift for creating sexy and powerful female characters. He pr.... Read More

Anya Radzevych - The Winding Path of Art and Design

Apr 10, 2020 at 12:49 pm by -gToon

Anya contacted us recently after she discovered Renderosity. “Renderosity is my go to sourch for tips and learning”, she told us. She also likes the artworks and.... Read More

Boris FX Presents a Virtual NAB Conference with Lots of Prizes!

Apr 08, 2020 at 01:24 pm by -gToon

We may not be able to all physically come together right now, but we can all still inspire each other, educate one another, and share our love of editing, visual effects, and.... Read More

Sky-High Performance in an Instance: Quadro Virtual Workstations in the Cloud

Apr 07, 2020 at 04:15 am by -gToon

Remote workers can tap the power of NVIDIA Quadro from anywhere with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. With much of the world suddenly working from home, IT leaders need.... Read More

Artist of the Week - Savage_dragon

Apr 06, 2020 at 09:24 pm by -gToon

Our artist of the week for April 6, 2020, is the Savage_dragon. This digital artist specializes in portraits created primarily in Daz Studio. We like the variety and intensity.... Read More
fine wine by mugzie101

Artist of the Week - Mugzie101

Mar 31, 2020 at 06:04 pm by -gToon

Renderosity artist mugzie101 is our choice for Artist of the Week. This artist uses Daz Studio primarily to compose their intense scenes of men, women and animals in emotional.... Read More

Attend the Online 2020 NVIDIA GTC Digital Conference for Free!

Mar 29, 2020 at 06:30 am by -gToon

For the last several years, I’ve attended NVIDIA’s Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, CA. It is one of my favorite events because NVIDIA spares no e.... Read More

Artist of the Week - Virtual_World

Mar 23, 2020 at 06:36 pm by -gToon

We really like the work of Virtual_World. This talented Renderosity artist specializes in portraits. They are skillfully composed and rendered. Many of them are of a variety o.... Read More

How loop and ring selections work in Cinema 4D

Mar 23, 2020 at 06:15 am by -gToon

In this video, we will have a look at a bit of theory and learn how loop and ring selections work in Cinema 4D. Knowing what I show you in the video will hopefully help you un.... Read More

Free Utopia Kit for Bright Art During Dark Times

Mar 21, 2020 at 01:27 pm by -gToon

“Artists have the responsibility to serve humanity and give people hope.” - Dalai Lama   We have enjoyed hearing from many of you, and like us, you might.... Read More

TED: Why you should read Flannery O'Connor

Mar 19, 2020 at 12:14 pm by -gToon

Anton Bogaty directed this excellent short animated film about the southern writer Flannery O'Conner. The entire series of TED Ed animations on writers is superb. The TED.... Read More

5 Tips for Working From Home

Mar 17, 2020 at 02:53 pm by -gToon

I’ve been working remotely for over a decade as Renderosity’s managing editor. Over the years I’ve developed through trial and error several habits and pract.... Read More

Artist of the Week - ArtOfDreams

Mar 16, 2020 at 02:04 pm by -gToon

Our Artist of the Week for March 16, 2020, is the very talented and creative artist ArtOfDreams. This video features 8 works from his extensive gallery at Ple.... Read More

Artist of the Week - MrDucky

Mar 09, 2020 at 02:17 pm by -gToon

The talented artist MrDucky is our choice for Artist of the Week for March 9, 2020. His focus is 3D portraits especially of female superhero characters and fantasy figures. Mr.... Read More

Reallusion's 2020 Character Creator Roadmap

Mar 09, 2020 at 05:00 am by -gToon

 It has been one and a half years since the launch of Character Creator 3 (CC3), and we hope that you've had a great time creating characters with it.Last year saw the re.... Read More

Artist of the Week - BryceHoro

Mar 03, 2020 at 12:40 pm by -gToon

Our artist of the week for March 2, 2020, is the very talented artist BryceHoro. As you can see from his name this artist uses Bryce as his digital tool of choice. Bryce has b.... Read More

BLENDER 2.82 NEW FEATURES in LESS than 5 minutes

Mar 02, 2020 at 11:16 am by -gToon

  Subscribe for more Blender 3D tutorials and content. Let me know what you would like to see next in the comments below! Project files and more available on Patreon..... Read More

Working Remotely is Something You Should Consider

Feb 26, 2020 at 01:06 pm by -gToon

Owl Labs has recently published a report on the state of remote workers (workers who work off-site usually via the internet) and their info shows a marked rise in remote work/.... Read More

Artist of the Week - Cricke49

Feb 24, 2020 at 02:02 pm by -gToon

Our artist of the week for Feb 24, 2020, is the fractal artist Cricke49. Fractal art is very popular at Renderosity where over 70,000 works have been posted. Cricke49 is one o.... Read More

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