4 Browser-Based 3D Modeling Applications

Dec 24, 2022 at 12:13 pm by -gToon

Learning 3D is hard enough, but choosing the right program to learn can be bewildering (not to mention expensive). We've put together a list of four inexpensive/free 3D modeling programs that are cloud-based (via the internet using a browser) that we think are very cool. Click the blue title to go to the application's website. 

SculptGL is a digital sculpting web app, with sources available on github. If you want to download a standalone version, you can download it here (identical to the web version). You can find a set of tutorials below on this youtube channels. Also available on the chrome web store.

Spline, is a place to design and collaborate in 3D. Get your 3D scenes inside your web projects using simple embed code/snippets. Spline opens a new door for creativity. A solid set of features that will help you create your best designs.

Meet Vectary, an online platform for creating and managing interactive 3D designs that inspire, educate and solve problems. No downloads, no-code - all in the browser. The real-time webGL renderer provides instant visual feedback, and powerful materials that can fine-tune your designs whether they are imported, created from scratch with 3D modeling tools in online editor, or built with ready-made elements from our 3D asset library.

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