Humble Bundle: lots of Unity and Unreal courses for you

Sep 21, 2022 at 10:30 am by nemirc

Humble Bundle: lots of Unity and Unreal courses for you
Humble Bundle: lots of Unity and Unreal courses for you

Humble Bundle has another bundle that caught my attention. This one features various courses of Unity and Unreal Engine, created by Mammoth Interactive. Obviously, using all of the courses or half of them depends on whether or not you use both engines depending on the need (like me), but still getting all these courses for such a cheap price can be a good deal, even if you only use half of them.

In regular Humble fashion, you get a number of courses depending on how much you pay. If you pay $1, you get an introductory course to Unreal Blueprints, and an introductory course to Unity’s node-based scripting.

You can also pay “more than the average” (which by the time of writing was pretty much the same price as “get everything”) to get 14 courses, including courses for machine learning in Unity, AI in Unreal using deep learning and image datasets, virtual reality, augmented reality and python.

But if you pay $25, you get all 41 courses. The entire course library includes subjects like the ones I mentioned above, plus making different types of games (like a block-breaker game, a sky-diving game, a Zelda-like game, and more), using MetaHumans, AI in Unity, making AI-driven cars in Unreal, multiplayer, and more.

As you can see some of these subjects can be very advanced for your average game. For example, not every game will need an AI that can use machine learning to adapt and find other ways to deal with the character, so maybe the games you are making don’t need that. However, these kinds of skills might be very useful to you in case you are hunting for jobs in the near future.

Check out the bundle right here:

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