Physically Based: a database of phisically-based values for CG

Aug 30, 2022 at 11:36 am by nemirc

Physically Based: a database of phisically-based values for CG
Physically Based: a database of phisically-based values for CG

If you work with 3D graphics, you already know materials can make or break the look of your scene, and how important it is to reproduce real-life materials in photorealistic scenes. Today I bring you Phisically Based, a database of values for PBR materials. Phisically Based is a collection of values for various types of materials, and it also provides links to the sources where they found these values, so you can double-check the validity of said values. However, that’s not all. The database also contains values of different light sources (using temperature values for color, and intensity in lumens), and also values for cameras (sensor size, aspect ratio and crop factor) Right now, the database contains 50+ materials, 14 light sources and 50+ camera values.

Every item has a roll-down button to the right, so you can see further details, including links to different reference sources where you can check where values come from, as I said above. Another nice feature is that you can copy the UE/Unity code, so you can reproduce that material in either engine. Copying this will create the noes for you, but you still need to connect them and enable IOR in your material (at least in the case of UE), if it’s not enabled by default.

If you are using Unreal Engine, you can also copy the source for cameras, which is really amazing if you need to use a real-life camera in your project. This can be especially useful if you are doing things like combining real-life footage and Unreal Engine-elements.

From what I understand, the database keeps growing, so you should see more entries as time passes. However, with over 100 entries, there must be something that fits your needs.

Phisically Based:

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