Buildify: Building generation for Blender

Aug 25, 2022 at 07:45 am by nemirc

Buildify: Building generation for Blender
Buildify: Building generation for Blender

A few days ago, one of my colleagues told me about Buildify, a node-based building generator for Blender. Personally, I am not a Blender user, although I plan to start learning how to use Blender really soon.

As I said, Buildify is a building generator that allows you modify different parameters to make buildings. You can set things like number of floors, and width and height of a module, so the building fits your needs.

Another interesting thing you can do is edit the shape of the building by editing the “floor” shape of the building. For example, imagine your building had an L shape (seen from above). You can edit the “floor” of the building and turn it into an inverted T, and the building will change to that new shape, generating the walls and all.

Buildings are created using prefab objects that you either hand-modeled or downloaded from the internet. Since 3D models come in standard formats now, that means you can download models from any source and start using them for your buildings. During my research, I even found someone using Epic Megascans’ content for this, and that’s actually a pretty amazing idea, since that is very high-quality content. Combining Buildify with Megascans content would give pretty amazing results.

Buildify is free, or rather donationware, meaning you can just pay what you want to get the tool. The author has created a couple of more things for Blender that you may find useful, so make sure you see his Gumroad profile (link below).

Get Buildify for Blender:

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