Unity Indie Innovation Sale

Aug 10, 2022 at 10:15 am by nemirc

Unity Indie Innovation Sale
Unity Indie Innovation Sale

If you are a Unity user, you will find this interesting. During the month of August, Unity will be hosting the Indie Innovation Sale, which features a lot of discounted assets from various developers. While I understand the desire of some people to build everything in their games from scratch, I believe you must save as much time as possible when you are working on something, and things that help you do that are more than welcome. On top of that, if you are able to save some money while getting the tools and assets that help you make your games easier, even better.

The Indie Innovation Sale has discounted around 200 assets from various types, so there’s the chance you will find something that will help you in your current project or future projects. Here are some of my picks.

Corgi Engine and TopDown Engine by More Mountains. Although I’ve never used any of these two, I know Corgi Engine is one of the most renowned side-scroller engines in the Unity Asset Store, with a lot of users behind it. The developer has also made a top-down engine that you can use for various types of top-down games, be it 2D or 3D. This would have been very useful when I was making top-down games in Unity, but unfortunately I didn’t spend enough time looking for top-down engines in the asset store.

RayFire for Unity is a plugin that lets you demolish or slice 3D objects in Unity. You can do various things like simulate the destruction, pre-slice objects, turn simulations on/off and more. You can also destroy the objects via explosions, shooting, hitting, etc. If you need destructible objects, this one may be for you.

Amplify Bundle is a set of 3 assets from Amplify Creations, the developers behind Amplify Shader Editor, the node-based material editor I am using right now. The bundle includes Amplify Shader Editor, the node-based material editor, Amplify Impostor, a tool that lets you replace distant geometry with low-rez camera-mapped models, and Amplify LUT Pack, a collection of over 200 LUT textures for your coloring needs.

AllSky is a collection of 200+ skyboxes that you can use in your projects. All the games my company has made in Unity use some of these skies for the sky dome. From The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest to Color SlayerS, there’s always in this collection that can be used.

Atmospheric House is a photorealistic “American-style” old house that could be used for either adventure games or horror games. The house is of a decent size and you can even create your own layout so you are not limited by what the house has to offer.

Top Down Effects is a collection of visual effects that you can use in top-down games. There are various types of effects to choose from, that will fit different types of spells and attacks. The pack includes versions for all the Unity render engines, and that’s good, switching rendering engines usually break the effects.

Footsteps Sound Pack is a collection of over 1000 footstep sounds. Footsteps is one of those things some developers forget (me included), so this is definitely going to be useful.

There are obviously a lot more interesting assets, and you will definitely find something that interests you based on your current needs. You should check out the sale right now.

Indie Innovation Sale: https://assetstore.unity.com/indie-game-ideas-and-inspiration  

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