Turn-Based RPG Template for Unreal Engine

Jul 29, 2022 at 10:55 am by nemirc

Turn-Based RPG Template for Unreal Engine
Turn-Based RPG Template for Unreal Engine

This time I am taking a closer look at another one of the assets that are free for the month in the Unreal Marketplace: Turn-Based RPG Template.

The pack is basically a template you can use to make your own turn-based RPG. I haven’t played many of those (actually the only turn-based RPG I’ve played is Chrono Trigger), and this one seems to be a very specific kind of turn-based RPG. You select your character and your attack pattern, and then let the characters attack. The attack patterns are some sort of “area of effect” attacks, so they can damage more than one enemy at a time, depending on how you place your characters.

To place a character, you just drag the player characters and move them around in the grid on the floor. As you do that, you are shown some area of effect, so you know where attacks will happen.

You have skills to choose from. For example, you have a healing skill to heal your party members, and also offensive skills. All the skills are made in Blueprints, so you should be able to come up with new skills, since they are programmed right there. Likewise, you have various types of attacks. For example, a jumping attack, an AoE attack, etc. Just like skills, you program these attacks using Blueprints, so you can create your own attacks as well. You also have access to other things like stats, enemy units, player classes, etc.

The pack includes detailed documentation explaining how the template works and how to setup different things, so you can learn to use it pretty quickly. You also have access to a sample project where you can try things out. The sample project is mostly content that has to be placed on top of this template, so you need to get Turn-Based RPG Template first, before you can use the sample project.

Turn-Based RPG Template is a nice system if you are into that sort of game. It’s still free in the Unreal Marketplace for the rest of the month, so if you haven’t gotten it already, you should.

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