Point and Click Adventure Toolkit for Unreal Engine

Jul 20, 2022 at 11:36 am by nemirc

Point and Click Adventure Toolkit for Unreal Engine
Point and Click Adventure Toolkit for Unreal Engine

If you are a UE user and you check the monthly free stuff, you know Point and Click Adventure Toolkit is free for the month. If you read my articles, you may know my tool of choice to make point and click games is Adventure Creator for Unity, and I like that tool because it has pretty much everything I need to make point and click games.

Point and Click Adventure Toolkit is a set of tools that lets you make point and click games in Unreal Engine. The toolset includes functionality like pick-up items, inventory, scene transitions, dialogues, multiple-selection dialogues, multi-interaction systems, camera management and puzzle creation.

To create new game, you must create a new project and import PaCAT in it, and when you open the project, the editor opens to a sample scene where you can see all the functionality. The first thing you see is the ability to move the character either using clicks (like old adventure games) or direct input (like newer games). Personally, I think none is better than the other, and it all depends on the type of game you want to make, so it’s nice to see you can use both types.

As I said before, you can also use different dialogue methods, so to speak. For example, you can have regular dialogues, or dialogues with branching conversations. You can also have conditional dialogues, where dialogues depend on whether or not you are carrying a certain item. I like how the system covers pretty much any situation you may need.

Another feature is the inventory and item management. You can have the regular single-use items, but also multi-use items, or those items that let you have a limited number of said item in the inventory. You can also make combined items, where you pick parts of a global item and then combine those parts to make the final item. Items are added on your inventory, which works as a regular adventure-based inventory (row of items on the screen). To use items, you click on the item and then click where you want the item to be used.

In the sample level you also have two puzzle samples. The first one is a safe box, and the second one is a sliding-objects puzzle. These puzzles are just examples, and they are created using Blueprints. In reality they are just meant to show how you can implement a puzzle functionality (switching to a puzzle interface, firing events after a puzzle is solved, etc.).

The toolset has more features, like the ability to use a regular follow camera, or a fixed-angle camera, jumping between levels, unlockable doors, changing the scale of your player character, and even a 2D orthogonal mode. Of course, the real test will come when I use this engine for another point and click game (since I already have the next few projects planned, that’s going to take a while). Still, this toolset looks very promising.


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