Nero AI Image Upscaler: Online image upscaling

Jul 06, 2022 at 07:45 am by nemirc

Nero AI Image Upscaler: Online image upscaling
Nero AI Image Upscaler: Online image upscaling

Recently, I wrote about Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI, an application that allows you to upscale images using AI algorithms to get very good results (most of the times). I was looking around for possible online alternatives, and I found Nero AI. Nero AI Image Upscaler is a cloud-based image upscaler that also uses AI technology. How does it compare with Gigapixel AI? Let’s take a look.

Nero is actually a handful of online services in one, but the one that interested me (and the only one I tried) is the image upscaler. According to the website, Nero utilizes AI to produce upscaled version of the photos, as well as using a denoiser and an optimizer to improve the results.

Using Nero AI Image Upscaler is very simple. You have a section on the website that lets you upload an image, and, after a few minutes, the upscaled version appears on the right side of the interface. There, you can simply download the image.

You can define the type of image selecting between photo and cartoon. This one tells the app how the image should be processed. One thing that I found interesting is that, compared to other services (I actually used 2 or 3 other online services before Nero), Nero actually kept the quality and detail of the image. Other services, while providing an upscaled version, they resulted in a “blurred/softened” version of the image.

I am not sure why that happened, but I guess the AI algorithm used by those services gave the image a final “blurring pass” to get rid of any imperfection. The problem is that those images ended up looking more like what you’d get if you had passed an image through Photoshop’s “Accented Edges” filter in the Filter Gallery window. This was not the case with Nero, though. The image was an exact copy of the original, minor details included.

The image below shows a downscaled version of an upscaled photo that I processed using Nero AI Image Upscaler. The image to the left is the upscaled result and the image to the right is the original image, just upscaled in Photoshop so both are the same size. As you can see, even if I had to downscale the image, the image on one side looks sharper. By the way, the image links to a higher-resolution image so you can see both side by side, in full size.

Nero AI Image Upscaler also offers a paid application for offline use. I don’t know how many times you can use the online app to upscale images before you’re forced to buy the app. While I was testing the app, I could upscale image after image without any problem, and all I got was the eventual banner that said “please buy the software version”

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