Massive MetaHuman Creator update

Jun 14, 2022 at 04:45 am by nemirc

Massive MetaHuman Creator update
Massive MetaHuman Creator update

Following the release of UE5, Epic Games has anow released an update of MetaHuman Creator, their free cloud-based human character creator tool. There are some really interesting features in this new release that will definitely be exciting to those who use MetaHuman Creator.

The first thing I want to talk about is the new “Mesh to MetaHuman” feature, which allows you to import your own custom models into MetaHuman Creator. What’s nice about it is that you can actually use a mesh from any source (for example, 3D scanned faces, or faces you made on your own using 3D modeling tools).

To import your own face into MetaHuman, you just need to import that face into UE5 and then define facial areas (like the mouth, eyes, nose, etc.) and then send that to MetaHuman Creator. The cloud application processes that model to create a MetaHuman version of the model that you can use in your games or other projects. On top of that, the figure is compatible with the library objects found in MetaHuman Creator, like clothing or hair.

Another nice addition is the ability to personalize the hair color. If you remember my first article about MetaHuman Creator, one of my complains was how you needed to use melanin controls to define the color of the hair, and how that left out red hair as well as “anime hair” (like lilac hair, or green hair, for example).

MetaHuman Creator is now fully compatible with the Unreal Engine animation rig, a humanoid rig that allows you to animate characters directly inside the engine. You can also use the retargeting tools to transfer animations between MetaHuman characters, or even non-MetaHuman characters.

Other animation updates include ragdoll physics and extra facial animations. Of course, on top of the facial animations you can also animate by hand. Lastly, Quixel is integrated in UE5, so you can import MetaHuman characters into UE5 very easily.

If you are a MetaHumans Creator user, you will like what this update has to offer. If you are currently not using any human creation application, and you use UE, you should try this one out.

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