The Punisher for Animals has a New Kickstarter

May 18, 2022 at 10:48 am by -gToon

Calico, returns with a new Kickstarter campaign and new villains. Sigma comics, creator of Calico, ran a successful campaign for issue four of Here Comes Calico, Sigma Comics is working on Issue 5 (reviewed here)

Calico is a unique Punisher-type anti-hero who takes down those who are cruel to animals often brutally. While the ends justify the means message isn't for everyone, the comics are expertly done and quite thought-provoking. They are now asking for support for Issue 5 which will have new villains. We are stoked here at Renderosity Magazinel 

Won't you lend your support to Sigma comics? Follow the link below to make a pledge

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