Photoshop on the iPad brings plenty of one-tap magic into spring

May 17, 2022 at 12:16 pm by -gToon

Source: Adobe blog

We’ve been working hard to add more to Photoshop on the iPad since we launched in 2019, and it’s come a long way. With our set of recent releases this spring we’ve strengthened it even more to power through all of your needs when retouching, adjusting, or mixing together photos. Using a combination of best-in-class Photoshop technology, the portability of cloud PSDs, and the power of the Apple Pencil, creating wherever inspiration strikes is easier than ever. The last two years of updates have added many levels of precision and control to the tools in Photoshop. This year, we’ve added one-tap speed to the arsenal.

For the last few updates, our focus has been on enabling you to perform lots of adjustments to your images with one tap. Whether it’s removing the background or using AI to remove parts of an image, we’ve got you covered!

  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Remove Background
  • Select Subject designed for hair and people
  • Auto-tone, color, and contrast
  • Font browser and more

This year, there’s even more in the app! In addition to the one-tap actions above, we’ve also brought in:

  • Access to all 20,000+ Adobe Fonts from directly within the type tool
  • Load your own custom fonts
  • Rename your cloud document while editing it
  • Sync your cloud document on-demand
  • View pins and annotations left by others on documents you’ve shared from the commenting panel

So grab your iPad, open Photoshop today and check out all the new additions.

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