Forever: endless runner engine

Apr 27, 2022 at 10:00 am by nemirc

Forever: endless runner engine
Forever: endless runner engine

It’s like every time I write an article, I am working on something different, and this is not the exception. For the past few weeks, I have been working on this small side-project, another hyper casual game similar to Color Slayer. This time, however, I am using Forever (by Dreamteck) an infinite runner engine I acquired at the Unity Asset Store.

Forever is an infinite runner engine you can use to make infinite runners where the tracks twist and bend, allowing you to make very dynamic tracks. The engine uses various elements to create your infinite runner track, and segments are the first one. The tracks are created using segments that you define, and put in sequence one after another as they are needed. Each segment can have objects on it, so you can create segments that fit your game. For example, whether you want decorative elements or obstacles, you can add those to your track segment prefab and then, when the segment is loaded, all the elements you put are also loaded.

Another nice thing about segments is that you can actually add some randomness to the obstacles there. For example, if you want the segment to pick between different sets of obstacles, you can simply add all sets and then use a script to pick a random set of obstacles, removing the others.

The next element is the level generator. The level generator is an object that defines how the segments are placed. You can decide to select the next segment randomly, or put a sequence of segments in order. The level generator can also have many sub-sequences, and it moves from one to the next as the level progresses. You can also decide whether you want to make a finite level or an infinite level. This can be very useful if you want your track to have different “sections” (for example an open section, a tunnel section, etc.).

Another part of level building is the spline generator. As I said before, Forever creates tracks that bend and twist, and his is done with a spline generator. Basically, what you do is set some parameters and then Forever will bend and twist the track randomly, using those parameters.

The engine includes different game examples, and you can actually use those as a starting point to create your own game, if any of those examples fits the kind of game you want to make. Forever is also very easy to use, and the developers have a YouTube channel where you can learn more and follow some basic tutorials.

Forever is a very good engine if you want an infinite runner with crazy tracks. It’s very easy to use, and yet it’s very powerful, allowing you to create a variety of tracks and gameplay styles. If you are in need of an infinite runner generator, this one may fit your needs.

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