The Chalet: A very unnerving and mysterious secret inside!

Apr 12, 2022 at 08:00 am by nemirc

The Chalet: A very unnerving and mysterious secret inside!
The Chalet: A very unnerving and mysterious secret inside!

I bring to you yet another amazing series you can watch if you have Netflix. However, this time it’s a French series, not Korean series. Get ready to step into the mystery of “Le Chalet” (The Chalet). The premise of the show is simple, but it will trap you quickly. The story follows a group of friends as they go to their native village in the middle of nowhere (nothing more than mountains and trees around as far as your eyes can see), as they start to die one by one.

The Chalet is one of those series where all the characters give you the impression to be very likeable, like they would never hurt a fly, except for a specific character, whom the show is very clear to paint as “the bad guy” or “the unlikeable guy” just to then show that, while he wasn’t good, others were worse.

One thing I loved about the setting is how, even if the town is of a decent size (it looks like it’s at least a few blocks big), the entire place is abandoned. However, there’s a good in-story reason for that. Basically, the idea is that everyone has left the town due to the lack of work and school, and the few ones left are trying to renovate the town so it serves as some sort of touristic attraction. This makes for an interesting combination of “scary + safe” feeling because those towns are usually very safe (compared to cities), but at the same time something unnerving arises because the town is completely abandoned. Add the fact that characters start dying in mysterious ways, and you have the perfect recipe for a very unnerving experience.

The show presents two different timelines: the present day and the “20 years earlier” timeline. At first, this can be confusing, although they use a slight variation in the color temperature to help you tell the two timelines appart (on a side note, the series Dark, also on Netflix was very good at presenting the different timelines thanks to the use of this technique), and you get to see the characters in both of their versions, so you can start figuring out what’s going on.

And this is where the whole “everyone’s hiding something” comes into place. I guess you’re familiar with this kind of plot device, where you see characters are not what they seemed. This makes you wonder not only who may be the next one to go, but who’s going to be the one revealing a deep dark secret. This makes the story very rich and interesting to follow, and also paints the characters with this broad gray stroke to the point you can’t really feel like you are rooting for “the good one.” Of course, as I said before, still some characters are worse than others, because the story is more open about how bad they are.

The series isn’t really gory, so if sometimes you tend to skip series or movies due to gore level, you won’t have a problem here. Nothing here is too violent or even mildly gory, even if a lot of people die during the entire series.

The Chalet is still going to be available on Netflix until the 16th of April. Even if it’s branded as a Netflix Original, in this case the streaming service acquired the license to the show, rather than producing the show by themselves. It’s unfortunate I didn’t discover this one earlier (watching too many Korean series, lol) but luckily there’s still time. If you are looking for a thrilling mystery, this one is for you.

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