Reallusion Releases ActorCore Library for NVIDIA Omniverse

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Reallusion, the developer of Character Creator and iClone real-time animation software, has released new ActorCore Content for NVIDIA Omniverse™. ActorCore offers a large selection of AI-controllable 3D characters and mocap animations, significantly reducing workflow and increasing production efficiency for crowd rendering for use in AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) simulations and visualizations.

Already deployed in digital twin projects including NVIDIA drive simulations and BMW manufacturing visualizations, ActorCore’s 3D content has been quickly adopted by professional animators not only in archviz applications but in media entertainment, games, and films.

As a leader in 3D character animation, Reallusion continues to provide the most intuitive tools and premium content for creators,” said Charles Chen, Reallusion CEO. “The iClone and Character Creator Connectors have added a complete character animation pipeline to Omniverse. In response to the huge demand for business visualization, particularly digital twin, the latest release of ActorCore Omniverse Content empowers business users with massive interactive assets for real-time crowd simulation on the virtual platform.”

Collaboration with Photorealistic Simulation
NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an easily extensible, open platform built for virtual collaboration and real-time physically accurate simulation. Creators, designers, researchers, and engineers can connect major design tools, assets, and projects to collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space. Additionally, developers and software providers can also build and sell Extensions, Apps, Connectors, and Microservices on Omniverse’s modular platform to expand its functionality.

Animated 3D Crowds for Industrial Visualization

A cloud-based 3D character and mocap motion platform; ActorCore allows users to quickly search, view, and download photorealistic 3D people for crowd scene usage. ActorCore also provides thousands of AAA quality, well-themed mocap animations. Combining ActorCore and Omniverse, individuals or design teams can create a large group of 3D crowds to animate, and deploy for AEC simulations and visualizations.

Interactive Lightweight Actors for Real-Time Rendering
In contrast to commonly used 3D models with no natural movements and expressions, ActorCore’s fully-rigged characters can perform lifelike facial and talking animations suitable for different camera ranges. PBR materials are merged for the best crowd rendering performance in real-time, and the actors are fully compatible with thousands of mocap motions available in ActorCore expansive libraries.

AAA Production with Seamless Motion Transitions
To meet demands from different industries, ActorCore offers professionally produced motions in well-planned themes. A specially designed motion system ensures smooth transitions between primary and secondary stance modes, offering high flexibility for professional animation production and interactive game character controls. Illustrated videos provide different usage scenarios to choose from, including individual, group, or paired motions for maximum compatibility.
Drag and drop ActorCore 3D characters and animations directly to Omniverse (Image credit: Reallusion and Bentley Systems)

Simplified Workflow and Optimized Asset Management
Users can directly export ActorCore’s characters and motions to the USD (Universal Scene Description) format, and easily drag and drop the content to Omniverse apps to continue scene setup. With motion retargeting*, the same motion can be applied to characters with different body scales, optimizing ActorCore’s large content library and reducing effort for asset management.

*Motion retargeting will be supported by Omniverse Machinima version 2022.1.0 and after; it will also be supported by Omniverse Create. Please pay attention to NVIDIA’s official announcement.

Explore, Search, Interact – 3D Browser Experience
Exceptional performance on ActorCore gives users the best interactive 3D viewing experience on chosen characters and motions. Users can quickly search and explore thousands of contents through tags, categories, and keywords to find that ideal asset.

New Standard for 3D Crowd Simulation
ActorCore allows a variety of industries to access and deploy a large number of 3D people as task performers or citizens, defining the next generation of 3D character solutions for key industry simulation partners and technologies. For AEC, users can generate digital people to inhabit and interact with designs, buildings, and manufacturing sectors to simulate workforce and training.

Next-level Character Control with iClone
iClone’s easy facial and body controls allow full character performance with smooth bi-directional motion blending, FK/IK motion layer editing, and reach-target animation for advanced motion editing. Adjustable colors and materials allow for unlimited visual varieties while adding subtle facial performances and lifelike lip-sync animations for custom facial expressions.

Free ActorCore USD Character and Motion Resource
Get a first-hand experience of ActorCore with free 3D character and motion assets. Visit

ActorCore website, or download Omniverse and access free USD sample content in Omniverse asset store.

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