Workflow and performance improvements in iClone 8

Mar 14, 2022 at 05:15 am by nemirc

Workflow and performance improvements in iClone 8
Workflow and performance improvements in iClone 8

If you are an iClone or Character Creator user, you know a new version of both applications will release later this year. Reallusion has released another work in progress video where they show off some more new iClone features. These features are aimed to improve your workflow via scene management and performance.

iClone 8 will include something called “Collections”, which work like hierarchical groups for your scene. You can create different collections and put your objects in them (props, actors, etc.) for easier management. For example, in one living room scene you could have a collection that includes a couch and the characters sitting on the couch. You can then hide the collection (hiding all the actors) if you’re not working on that part of the scene, or you can even move all the actors at once by moving the collection around, since it works not only as a group but also as a parent object.

You can even duplicate collections in case you need it (for example, if you have a table setup and need to have more), and you can also merge scenes together using this same feature.

If you work on large scenes, you should also see a performance improvement thanks to GPU acceleration. Also, you can use collections to show/hide scene sections and improve framerate.

However, the part that drew most of my attention is being able to set objects like “static”. In videogame engines, you can set objects as “static” as a way to tell the engine to not include those objects in draw calculations, since they will not move. In games, that can dramatically improve the performance, so I am inclined to think you will see similar performance improvements in iClone 8.

iClone 8 is looking very good, and I am sure users will appreciate these improvements. If you want to see these new features, check the video below.

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