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Feb 07, 2022 at 06:00 am by -gToon

Madame Reve is a virtual photographer who uses the online world of Second Life as her canvas. Her feed is filled with gorgeous, perfectly-framed photographs that, as she says, " a way to immortalize a moment of my life and a feeling, an emotion, or an aesthetic or graphic element". Her work is very much like street photography, but inside of a virtual world. And like all great street photographers, Madame Reve has an eye for the poetic and beautiful within that world

Here are two questions: what is your process to take pictures inside Second Life? Do you do a lot of post-processing on the photos?

Madame Reve: When the inspiration is there, whether it is purely aesthetic or emotional, I like to first imagine a pose and a staging that fits me. I can spend hours designing my scene, finding an outfit, accessories and then making the picture the image by modeling the pose, light, and framing.

Since I started photography in Second Life, I use the Black Dragon viewer which offers very advanced options to create poses and get a rendering of light and shadow very close to reality. The rendering is always so beautiful!

Thanks to this tool, I can modulate the poses with great precision and allow me not to edit my images too much in Photoshop. I still like to adjust the colorimetry for a more colored, contrasted or black and white rendering according to my desires, but I don't have so much post-processing.

Why do you like photography as a medium?

Madame Reve: I'm pretty much a beginner as a digital artist, but I think my avatar looks like my real personality and I like to express my emotions through it. I like to be able to share them and have them felt by those who will be sensitive to them, that they are palpable through the image. I often compliment them with a song to match the image and the mood.

I have been passionate about art since I was a child. I personally already do drawing and painting, as well as photo editing. SL photography now makes me want to express myself in real life. It is a way to immortalize a moment of my life and a feeling, an emotion, or an aesthetic or graphic element (combining the two is the best). 

I hope to create many more ;)

You can see more of Madame Reve's virtual photography on her Flickr page. Our thanks to Madame Reve for allowing us to reproduce her photographs and for sharing her thoughts with us.

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