You’re dead Helen / T’es morte Hélène is a Must-See Short Film by Michiel Blanchart

Jan 17, 2022 at 12:15 am by nickcharles

How do you break up with a ghost? That is the question posed in this brilliant short film, You're Dead Helen, written and directed by Michiel Blanchart of Belgium. I was going to include it in my Motion Weekly picks, but I cannot stop talking about this film that steps through different genres seamlessly, while conveying it's central love story.

Seriously, this film goes from rom-com to drama, to psychological thriller and pure horror...and back. And everything about this film is done so well. The original story, the stellar acting, the VFX and camera work are all equally amazing. In it's approximate 24 minute run-time, this film captivates from beginning to end.

After a highly successful festival run, You're Dead Helen has made the Oscar shortlist for Best Live-Action Short Film. Even more, it is slated to be made into a feature length film with Sam Raimi attached as producer. And this will actually be the second feature for Michiel, as he is set to shoot his debut before summer, La Nuit se traine, an action thriller.

I've reached out to Mr Blanchart for interview, and hope to hear something soon. In the meantime, Please, please, please check out this incredible short film!

[Edit - interview is coming soon!]

You're dead Helen / T'es morte Hélène from Daylight Films on Vimeo.

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