Huion Kamvas 22 in Review

Feb 11, 2022 at 09:45 am by nickcharles

Over the years, I've tested and used a few pen tablets and pen displays. And while I have easily adapted to a pen tablet for digital drawing, I do prefer to use a display that I can draw directly on. Of course, for so long there was a huge jump in price going from a pen tablet to a large pen display, and at a cost that not everyone can justify. But, thankfully there are more reasonably priced options available these days. One such product is Huion's Kamvas 22, which I am reviewing here. 

Now, I've reviewed a couple products from Huion previously, including an LED light pad, and their Inspiroy Dial pen tablet. Both of these exceeded my expectations in build quality and use, so it was time I had a look at one of their pen displays and see if it held up to what I've now come to expect from Huion.

The Kamvas 22 comes in two flavors: the Kamvas 22, and the Kamvas 22 Plus. What you get in the Plus version is a higher color accuracy and an etched anti-glare glass surface, priced at $100 more. The unit I'm reviewing is the standard version (not Plus). However, I think it should take some careful considerations if it would be worth the price difference to you.

First Look and Set-up

The Kamvas 22 comes packaged really nicely (I love good packaging), and the set up is so simple all you really need to know is diagrammed right on the back of the box! Honestly, once I unboxed everything, it was a breeze to attach the stand and connect the display to my PC.

What you get in the box is: the display, adjustable stand, pen and pen holder, power adapter and cable, 3-in-1 cable (to connect to a PC), glove, cleaning cloth, and quick start guide.

The stand is fantastic, with it's ease of adjusting between 20 and 80 degrees, via a small tab. There are also rubber cylinders on the stand and rubber feet on the display, so the tablet will not move on you when in use. You are able to attach an arm mount, if you prefer that to the included stand.

The build quality of both display and stand is excellent. I love the nice rounded corners and the matte feel of the display housing. An overall solid build. The ports on the side are: 1 USB, and 2 USB-C. The USB hub allows you to easily connect all your peripherals without anything getting in your way. There are also a row of buttons along the top right of the unit for the on-screen display, controlling such things as brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, and saturation.

The included pen stand is excellent for holding your pen either vertically, or laying across the top. And, if you need to change a nib, just open the stand to find extra nibs and a nib removal tool. Very nice! 

 Huion pen and stand Stand opens to reveal extra nibs and removal tool

Mini Keydial (optional accessory)

A main thing to note about the Kamvas 22 is the absence of customizable quick keys. While some may just be more accustomed to using keyboard shortcuts, I rather enjoy having quick keys that I can customize and have readily available. So, I opted for Huion's Mini Keydial, which is an accessory that is sold separately.

The Mini Keydial allows for quick and easy function access, which is a huge time-saver. It can be used connected via cable, or wirelessly (after a charge with said cable). If you have the room for yet another accesory on your desktop, it is highly recommended.

The real beauty of having the Mini Keydial, is that you can completely customize key settings for each program you use. With it's 18 keys and sweet dial, I think it's an excellent addition well worth considering. The keys can be set up via the Huion tablet driver dialog. And the dial can be customized as well, to make it easy to zoom your work, or even change brush size with ease.

Kamvas 22 In Use

To me, it is much preferred to have a decent drawing tablet for art and creative work with a large enough surface for finer details, drawing directly on the screen. Huion's Kamvas 22 offers that ability to draw directly on the screen, getting you right up close to your work. 

The HD resolution of this unit is excellent. The creative programs I use appear wonderfully. I have tested this unit with several programs, including: Affinity Photo and Designer, Krita, Rebelle, and even Adobe After Effects...and everything worked like a dream.

Though this Kamvas 22 model has the matte film, rather than the full laminate etched glass of the Plus version, there is very little parallax (that noticeable gap between pen tip and screen). And the feel of drawing on this display is really nice, with a decent bite (not like drawing on glass).

The amount of pressure sensitivity with the pen is 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. While I didn't notice the difference right away, after I made adjustments and calibrated my pen strokes in familiar programs, I soon found it was, indeed, quite good. The pen does not require batteries, and it feels really comfortable. There is a two-button switch on it that is also customizable.

The picture above shows my strokes in Krita, and as you can see the pressure sensitivity is incredible, allowing various fine and thick strokes. The picture below is my testing with Affinity Photo. All strokes were smooth, with no lag. The pen also also has a 60 degree tilt capability that works great when shading. 

As I mentioned previously, I did have to play around with adjusting pressure sensitivity to my liking. This was easily accomplished via the Huion driver dialog (below)

Final Thoughts

I really am quite impressed with Huion's Kamvas 22. From the solid, quality build, to the ease of set up and usability, it is definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a quality pen display. Also, for the price, you really can't beat it.

With everything I've seen and tried from Huion, I am a big fan. Huion provides a fine product that stands up to it's competition, and does it extremely well. Even if the Kamvas line doesn't appeal to you, I implore you to check out the Huion website and see all that they offer. Huion and the Kamvas 22 has my highest recommendation.



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