Motion Weekly 61

Jan 02, 2022 at 10:45 pm by nickcharles

The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation, incredible live-action, motion design, outstanding cinematography, and wicked cool experimental works. It's all motion, it's all inspiring. So, take the time to kick back and have a look at some fantastic work being produced out there. And, if you like what you see in this segment, please share it.

Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, indie filmmakers, and even personal works. May this segment serve to inspire you.

So, this week I seem to have stumbled on a theme - death. It wasn't my intention, but these films flooded my feed and, well, death found me, so to speak. Enjoy!

Goodnight Death

The first short this week is an incredible piece directed by Elsa Levytsky. Everything about this film is masterfully done, from the writing, camera work, sound design and effects. I'm hoping to follow up with an interview with Elsa soon. Stay tuned! 

Goodnight Death from Elsa Levytsky on Vimeo.

Charles is a reluctant Grim Reaper responsible for guiding souls to their afterlife. As he reaps the victims of a serial killer with a long track record, he stumbles upon his youngest victim, a little girl named Jennifer who is determined to stop the slaughter and avenge her family.

The Man of Death

This second piece is from a while back, but somehow I missed it. It's an interesting concept, and an absolutely brilliant performance by Robert Moore, who plays the character, Death. 


The Man of Death from Edson Oda on Vimeo.

A former hitman encounters with Death in an ultimate attempt to save his daughter's life.

Death in Bloom

This is another much earlier film, and is a wonderful bit of dark comedy from writer/director, Dael Oates.

Death In Bloom | Award Winning Short Film from dael oates on Vimeo.

Winning multiple BESFT FILM awards and staring the legendary Robyn Nevin and Ewen Leslie, as Crumples. Death In Bloom is as funny as its heart is dark.

If Death came knocking at your door, what would you choose?

Professional 'Death' Salesman, Christopher Crumples, struggles to close a deal with a fabulously picky customer.

Death Loves Life

And yes, another much earlier film, but came along in suggestions on my journey through the death theme. This is a beautifully animated film, with an equally great color palette. You can see a detailed breakdown of the whole process of making this film, here.

Death Loves Life from Coat of Arms on Vimeo.

Young and beautiful, Life is enthralled with the world around her. Death is enamored by Life's innocence and vivacity, but his attempts to connect with her are fleeting. Despite Death’s awkward and destructive path, Life recovers from each loss with graceful fortitude. In Death’s gloom, a passionate love for Life blossoms.

This very short film was conceived by Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque, and completed nights and weekends from 2014 to 2015. It's our first short narrative and was an experiment to see whether we could pull it off, and to begin the process of working on more narrative projects in the future. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching!

Have some inspirational work to share? drop me a line at with the subject line: Motion Weekly.

Nick C Sorbin (Nick Charles) is a former Managing Editor of 9 years for Renderosity's CG Industry News. By day, a mild-mannered Certified Pharmacy Technician working in both home infusion and a hospital ER, contrasting creative outlets as a digital artist, sculptor, musician, singer/songwriter, and Staff Writer for Renderosity Magazine. Read his articles

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