LuxCoreRender 2.6 Released For This Great Open-Source, Physically Based Renderer

Dec 27, 2021 at 03:00 am by Press Release

Another open-source project releasing on Christmas is LuxCoreRender 2.6 as a sizable feature update incorporating the better part of a year's worth of improvements to this physically based rendering software.

For this project that originally started out as LuxRender, the LuxCoreRender 2.x series continues advancing in a steadfast manner for greatly improving this open-source PBR renderer.

With LuxCoreRender 2.6 the parsing of mesh light sources is now about three times faster, partial multi-threaded support in pre-processing of light sources, expanded support for color spaces, and a variety of other core improvements and bug fixes.
A number of integrated components have also been updated in LuxCoreRender 2.6 including OpenColorIO 2.2, Embree 3.12.2, Open Image Denoise 1.4,, and more.

Windows / Linux / macOS binary downloads along with the sources and full change-log can be found on GitHub.
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