ArtStation Learning to remain free

Dec 20, 2021 at 10:49 am by nemirc

AArtStation Learning to remain free
ArtStation Learning to remain free

Last week, ArtStation revealed their ArtStation Learning platform would remain free forever, and ever, and ever…

In case you don’t remember, ArtStation had joined Epic Games this year, and they announced ArtStation Learning would be free for the rest of 2021. However, now they have decided to keep the learning platform free for everyone.

According to Leonard Teo, ArtStation co-founder, their plan is to make learning accessible to everyone, so more people can become industry-ready. If you’re familiar with ArtStation, then you know part of its services include a free digital portfolio and a job-hunting platform.

Since ArtStation is now part of Epic Games, I have to say I am not surprised. Epic Games has been doing a lot to democratize game development and ArtStation has a very big game development community (to be fair, Unity did it first, but many of their tools are still only available to paid subscribers).

There are various learning platforms where you can learn various 3D applications, but many of those are paid, which makes ArtStation the obvious choice to learn many of these applications.

Remember that new tools that facilitate a lot of processes are being developed, and that means competition is becoming fierce, so you need to stay up to date, and learn and polish new tricks if you want to remain competitive in the market, so it is good to take advantage of any resource you have at your disposal, specially if the resources are free. On the other hand, even if you’re not competing for jobs, it is always good to learn new stuff so you can use it on your own projects. This is especially useful in game development, since a big part of selling a game is the visual aspect.

If you are looking for new learning resources, or want to learn some new tricks for your art-creation tool of choice, you should check out ArtStation, they may have what you need.

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