Chado by Dominica Harrison

Dec 08, 2021 at 07:30 am by -gToon

During a long hot summer in the forest, Child is forced to grow up. First, her Dog becomes ill, then out of the blue, her Mother returns to their dacha with a new lover. Child’s world is turned upside down. With each unsettling event, her visions become stronger to the point where she decides on a dangerous decision. Chado combines digital animation and risograph printing to transform a coming-of-age tale into an enchanting short film.

Chado is produced by Animate Projects, co-produced with Blind Pig, and made with the support of BFI NETWORK.

Written and Directed by
Dominica Harrison

Animators: Dominica Harrison, Niall High, Christine Peters, Tom Salo, Aida Slamnjakovic
Compositors: Ric Comline, Lawrence Scanlon
Assistant Animators: Suzanne Matharan, Mariana Mendes Leal
Colourists: Xiaoyi Chang, Raffaele Gabrielli, Georgia Villar
Composer and Sound Designer: Robin Porter
Editor: Michael Ho
Sections: Video

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