7 Digital Art Sites That Will Inspire You

Dec 04, 2021 at 06:00 am by Rossana

The profession of a digital artist is in high demand among young artists and digital agencies as it gives them the freedom to express their talent, develop their skills and earn money.

However, if you are a digital artist and you get numerous similar tasks or jobs you may feel a lack of energy, thoughts, and inspiration. 

What can give inspiration to such art people? All they need is to relax and create what they want without any deadlines or rules. There are plenty of digital art resources where artists can learn new ideas, create something new and fill in the gap of inspiration. 

Therefore, thanks to the research of best writers online, we have prepared the top 7 digital art resources that will help you to go back to your talent.


Canva is an online tool where users can create different types of digital objects like posters, postcards, cover pictures for journals, books, and so on. You can create not only pictures but separate elements for each of them - choose the shape, color, and general idea of your work.


This platform is a really excellent way of how to find inspiration not only for digital artists but for people of any profession and hobby. It contains so many different photos, videos, and links to the websites for numerous topics, and you prefer. As a user, you can create your own profile with thematic boards and suitable pins on it. Other users can like or save your pins, and also follow you if they like the style of your profile.


This website is made exactly for digital artists and UXUI designers. Each user or digital agency creates their personal account where they can publish any type of design works. They usually share the pictures, short descriptions - what this job actually means and what it was made for, type the used technique, colors, apps, etc. Dribble is a great source of inspiration as there you can find so many different pieces of art that just cannot stop motivating. This platform also conducts various contests for users and gives to the winning accounts special awards. 

Computer Arts

This is a well-known digital magazine that shares different useful tips about the latest trends in digital art, learning lessons on various topics, guides, tutorials on how to use popular programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and others, examples of the greatest digital artworks, etc. If you somehow lost your muse, you will definitely find it here.

Concept Art World

This inspirational platform is similar to Pinterest. It seems that it shows nothing special - just plenty of different pictures with digital pieces of art. Additionally, it shares the top lists of books and courses which each digital artist should consider for skill development and awareness of trends in the modern market. 

CTRL + Paint

This digital platform has a more educative character and aims to share knowledge about digital art and its peculiarities with newcomers and experienced digital artists. The lessons are in video format which is quite comfortable for modern young people to listen to or watch on the go.


The website is a real heaven for advanced digital artists. It is a huge source of inspiration where top digital specialists share their works, tips, videos, tutorials, writing judge articles on blogs, and so on. Here digital artists can find the company to work for, buy a subscription to get access to the advanced options of the website.

Taking everything into account

Looking for inspiration is what every digital artist needs from time to time. What is more important is to understand your own style, meaning what elements make you different from others, what special things you can offer to the modern market of digital art, what motivates you, and what disappoints you. All these things influence your inspiration and willingness to create new pieces of art. Never stop learning and growing your skills as trends are constantly changing and if you want to keep up with the competitors and stay in-game, you should be aware of all of them. 


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