Campaign Cartographer 3+

Dec 02, 2021 at 06:14 pm by nemirc

Campaign Cartographer 3+
Campaign Cartographer 3+

Campaign Cartographer 3+ is part of the Maps Bonanza bundle I wrote about two weeks ago. As I mentioned when I wrote about Fractal Terrains 3+, I decided to purchase the entire pack since it was going to be useful for a game I’m working on.

Campaign Cartographer 3+ lets you create different types of maps, like overland maps, dungeons and cities. When you create a new map, you’re given the option to select a specific type and then you’re asked different options about your selection.

Making maps in Campaign Creator requires you to start creating the different layers in order. First, you add the main masses of land, then you can create terrain details (like making some areas grassy, or sandy, etc.), and then adding things like mountains and vegetation.

While bigger details are added as areas, smaller details like mountains and forests can be added as areas or “spots”. For example, if you want to make a forest you can draw an area and then your area will be filled by trees. On top of that, if you want more detail, you can add isolated trees here and there.

Another very nice and useful detail you can add are scale bars, that might be useful in some maps, but also give you a better sense of scale of the entire map. You can also add other things like borders, roads, text, etc.

You can print the map if you are going to use it for table-top games, or you can also save the map image to send it to a printing house, or to use it inside a videogame. To save the map as an image all you do is save as an image, and you’re done.

The software has a variety of add-ons that you can install, so you have access to more types of elements (houses, trees, mountains, etc.). I haven’t installed it yet but I will do it soon, before I start working on my actual game map.

Overall, the app is very easy to use and maps are easy to create. However, sometimes it feels like you have to take extra steps to do something. For example, transforming elements requires you to select the tool, then the element, then right click and select “Do it” before you start transforming an element, while the same operation in Photoshop is just one click. Another thing I didn’t quite like is how you have to manually redraw the map sometimes. For example, if you had placed a forest but then you deleted it, the map is left with a white rectangle and you need to press redraw for that artifact to be fixed. Now imagine you needed to redraw every time you move or delete something in Photoshop, that would be annoying in the long run.

Even with the usability and redraw issues, I think Campaign Cartographer 3+ is a very good software for creating maps, and I look forward to use it in my projects.

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