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Nov 17, 2021 at 05:00 am by nemirc

There’s the saying “better late than never,” a saying that applies to this situation perfectly. You may ask why I say that. Well, I just noticed this amazing sale of map-generation tools on the Humble website (meaning tools you can use to draw maps), and it’s ending this week. The bundle includes an app called Fractal Terrains 3+, a “continent generator” that can create 2D drawings of masses of land and oceans, with different map-indicators; another software called Campaign Cartographer 3+ (a lifetime license), which lets you create maps with terrain details like forests, villages, mountains, etc.; and a lot of add-ons for these applications.

As always, in Humble fashion, different tiers let you acquire different apps, with a final tier that grants you all the software in the bundle. For example, if you pay $1 you get 3 add-ons, Modern Mapper, Age of Exploration and Dungeons & Floorplans.

You can also pay $25 for 7 items, which include a one-year license of Campaign Cartographer 3+ and 6 add-ons including Cities of Schley, Cosmographer 3+ (an add-on designed to create outer-space maps with galaxies, planets, or space-ships), and Source Map Cities.

However, if you pay $30, you get the full set of 15 items, including the lifetime license of Campaign Cartographer 3+ (the previous tiers only offer a one-year license).

From what I understand, these apps are widely used in the creation of maps for table-top games. However, since they are fully digital you can surely use them to make maps for your own games in case you need them. If your current project, or any future project, requires maps for whatever reason, maybe you should get this bundle and save some money.

Check the bundle here:

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