CC 4 lets you make custom characters!

Nov 12, 2021 at 10:00 am by nemirc

If you are into Reallusion software, you may or may not know the company is teasing features that will make it to iClone 8 and Character Creator 4. The Reallusion website is showing a roadmap that shows what they are working on now, and what they will work on after, for the new versions of the software to be released on Spring 2022.

Last week, I shared some information about the next version of iClone. Now, Reallusion has posted a teaser video for Character Creator 4 and there are some really amazing things coming. One thing that will be very useful is the character import and auto-setup. If you have used 3DXchange before, you know you have some “presets” you can use to import characters (for example, presets for Mixamo, Daz Studio, HumanIK). The next version of CC will not need 3DXchange, because that functionality will already be available directly inside CC4.

If, when you’re importing your character, the rig is not compatible with any of the presets, you will be able to setup your own character using tools similar to HumanIK (for those not familiar with Maya or MotionBuilder, basically what you do is assign the bones to a “character map” so the software knows which bone corresponds to the specific body part).

After you setup your character, all poses and animations will be compatible with your character. On top of that, your custom characters will also be able to use springs, so you can have automated secondary animation (for example, adding springs to the tail of the fox character pictured above).

Importing a custom character means no facial animation by default. However, you will be able to use Character Creator’s morph-building tools to add facial morphs to the character. This will make the character available to be animated using keyframe animation, lip-sync tools or even LiveFace.

The facial rig will also get a lot of improvement. From what I saw in the video, the controls (for keyframe-animation) are almost the same (but with extra options like pupil size, ear animation, and other things) but the results are even more amazing and natural. A few weeks ago I was writing about how Autodesk should bring Face Robot back. Now, it seems iClone will be almost a Face Robot with all the new facial animation improvements.

Just like with iClone, there’s a timeline of development you can see, so you know what to expect from the new version of Character Creator.

Right now, Reallusion is also offering a free upgrade path, between now and Dec 31 2021. If you spend a certain amount on the software and content stores, you can get free upgrades to the apps.

Check the Reallusion website for more:

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