iClone 8 will offer a lot of improvements

Nov 04, 2021 at 03:00 am by nemirc

iClone 8 will offer a lot of improvements

If you are into Reallusion software, you may or may not know the company is teasing features that will make it to iClone 8 and Character Creator 4. The Reallusion website is showing a roadmap that shows what they are working on now, and what they will work on after, for the new versions of the software to be released on Spring 2022.

On that page, there is also a video teasing some new features of iClone 8 (no video about Character Creator 4 yet) and they are looking pretty good. There are a lot of features aiming to make some animation tasks easier. For example, if you’ve ever had to make a character walk down a path (in your 3D animation software of choice) then you know it can be really difficult. iClone 8 will have systems that allow you to create a path that your character follows automatically, generate random paths in an area, or even using your keyboard or controller to control your character’s movement and record that animation.

Previously, I have mentioned how you can pin body parts when you’re animating in iClone, and how you can use effectors for this same purpose (similar to MotionBuilder’s animation tools, or Maya’s HumanIK). That functionality is going to get a massive improvement in iClone 8.

However, there are some nice extra features for foot and hand placement I need to mention. There’s going to be a feature where you can modify the footstep positions, or hand positions. For example, imagine you’re working on a walking character, but you want to change where the feet are placed during the walk. You will have these “footstep markers” you can edit to tell the software where you want the feet to fall.

Animation is not the only area of improvement, though. From my previous articles you know iClone’s renderer is pretty good, but it’s getting some improvements like lens-flares and volumetric lighting. Another feature being teased in the video is a mirror shader that can be used for, you guessed it, mirrors, but also reflective architectural elements like floors or walls. You can even layer effects on top, to add “dirt” or “non-reflective areas” to your shader. The best of all, this is all in real-time.

There are more new features in the teasing video, so you should definitely take a look.

Right now, Reallusion is also offering a free upgrade path, between now and Dec 31 2021. If you spend a certain amount on the software and content stores, you can get free upgrades to the apps.

Check the Reallusion website for more: https://www.reallusion.com/3d-creation/

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