Vectober Anyone?

Oct 12, 2021 at 10:30 pm by nickcharles

I'm sure many are aware of Inktober, the month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker from way back in 2009 that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Well, Vectober is the same kind of thing, but focusing on creating vector based art.

Started by Jhon Silva, a freelance Senior 2D artist, Youtuber, and the man behind Vectorize Club, where he teaches his illustration techniques, Vectober is currently in full swing. Though I am obviously a bit late in finding out about Vectober as I write this tonight, there is still time enough to get involved.

If you head over to Jhon's YouTube channel, you can watch the introduction video to Vectober, and dive right into the challenges posted so far. Though Jhon uses Affinity Designer for Vectober, the same priniples and methods can apply in other software.

The Vectober projects are fairly simple, but really get you into creating beautiful vector art from scratch, while Jhon encourages you along the way and shares his techniques. Regular work and practice is the only way to improve, and that's the purpose of any consistent challenge such as this.

The prompts for Vectober 2021 are really mainly to get you inspired and you are encouraged by Jhon to explore your own ideas related to the prompts. But even simply following along will get you on the path to mastering the pen tool and vector illustration. Are you ready to try Vectober?

I must mention that Jhon’s Vectober tutorials are only going to be available during the month of October on his YouTube channel. After the challenge ends, the tutorials will be available exclusively to Vectorize Club members. To learn more about Vectorize Club, visit

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