12 Weeks with Nightmare Puppeteer, Week 11: Interview with m dot Strange

Oct 13, 2021 at 01:12 pm by -gToon

This is the eleventh episode of a series that will last for 12 weeks where I will learn Nightmare Puppeteer and attempt to create short animated scenes. Along the way, I’ll share with you my discoveries, my mistakes, and my successes using this remarkable game engine. 
Nightmare Puppeteer takes the approach of puppetry where you do something with your hands, but instead of using your hands, you are pressing keys on your keyboard….it’s an animation engine
-M dot Strange
NP is a Game
It’s important to point out that Nightmare Puppeteer is a game and not a 3D application. The gameplay is focused on creating characters, animations, and scenes within the game. And as M dot Strange points out “it’s an animation engine”. Also, the game is built upon the Unity Engine which means it has qualities that only a game made in Unity has (unique shaders and effects, for example). 
Interview with NP Developer - M dot Strange
Over the last 10 weeks, we've explored how the game/media creator Nightmare Puppeteer works. As it was released this time last year (2020), I thought it might be a good time to check in with the developer, M dot Strange, to get an idea of how the game was received by the general public, what new additions have been made, and what is planned for future versions of NP. I also spoke with him about his new feature film (shot in Unity) M doll. The video is age-restricted, so you'll have to go to YouTube (see below) to watch it if you are over 18. 
Note that just after this video was edited, Steam decided to remove M doll because of M dot's use of an NFT. He was pretty upset because they did not give him a chance to remove the item from the movie. So the Oct 29th release date for M doll is probably not accurate now since he has to find a new distributor. 
You can find out about M doll at this link

Next up: Final Thoughts on Nightmare Puppeteer

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