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Sep 16, 2021 at 06:00 am by nemirc

Hello again. This time I bring you an online web creation service that lets you make your website easily, without any knowledge of coding: Webflow.

Webflow is actually a full-service providing website creation and hosting. However, you can opt to simply use their creation tools, if you don’t need one (or if you are OK with your site being a sub-domain).

When you start Webflow, you are sent to the dashboard. There, you can see the projects you are working on.

While the website builder is very easy to use, I’d recommend going through the tutorial if you have never used a website creator before, as there are a lot of different settings for the components, and a lot of tricks you can learn from those tutorials. Then, building pages in Webflow is like building legos. You just need to add new elements to the website. You can add blocks (for example, a section) or elements inside a section (images, video, buttons, text, etc.).

When you select an element, you can modify its properties using the pane on the right. You can change various parameters like size, spacing, background image (for sections), color, etc. Webflow uses CSS to create the websites, so you can change the properties of an CSS class or even create a new one from the parameters you modified.

Another nice feature is the content management system. Say you are creating your portfolio using Webflow, and you want to add subpages for your different projects. With Webflow you can create all this using the CMS Collections. You can have different categories for your different kinds of projects (say “book covers”, “landscape renders”, “photo manipulation”, “3d portraits”, “animations”), and then you can add a section to your website’s Home (the main page) where you link to all the different projects. For example, the image below shows a category of “Projects” where I made a page for the different games my company has launched.

And then, the main page has a Collection List element that displays all the projects belonging to a specific category. If I add a new project to my CMS (a new game), the thumb will automatically show up in that Collection List.

One thing I need to clarify is that some of the features are not included in the free version of Webflow. However, if you find the service fits your needs, you can purchase a subscription and get the ability to either export your site so you can use it on your own hosting service, or link your preexisting domain to Webflow. I have to say the price is a little steep compared to other services I have tried or checked out (I have tried Godaddy, and I have also tried the website builder tools of my company’s website provider), but it is up to you to decide whether or not Webflow is good for you, for the money. You can opt for different plans, depending on your needs (if you are an individual, if you need a more robust service or even e-commerce).

If you are looking for a service to create your website, you can give Webflow a try. It’s free, and if you like it you can upgrade to a paid service.



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