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Sep 04, 2021 at 03:30 am by nemirc

I don’t cover Humble Bundle a lot, but this time decided to do it because I saw this very interesting bundle comprised of games and game development assets. The bundle includes 28 different items in total, and, in Humble Bundle fashion, you are given various items depending on the amount you pay.

If you pay $1, you get 4 items: Low Poly Tools Bundle, a pack that lets you create low polygon terrains and environments, the Dark Fantasy Kit, a set of various dark fantasy-themed architectural elements, the Medieval Houses Modular Vol 1 and Fantasy Ambience sounds pack.

There’s also the “pay more than average” to get 11 items. Humble Bundle has this specific amount called the “average” which is, as the name implies, the average amount of money people has paid for the bundle. In this case, at the time of me writing this article, the average is $24.54 for 11 items.

However, you can get the entire bundle for $25, so there’s no reason to go for the average.

Other items in the bundle include Bakery, a GPU lightmapper, Dark Fantasy Gigantic Environment, Medieval Weapons Ultimate Pack, RPG Fantasy Pack (a pack of fantasy characters), and a cloud system.

On the other hand, the bundle also includes two games, The Minute of Islands, a puzzle platformer game, and Waking, a third person combat game that also involves meditation. The bundle also includes a Unity course from Zenva.

While I am not sure about the games, the different assets can be very useful if you are working on an RPG-style game, specially a medieval RPG. You should check this bundle out.

Humble Fantasy Games and Game Dev Assets:


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