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Mad God is a stop motion animated film by Phil Tippett. Released in 2021, the film was created over a period of 30 years.

Production History

While working on Robocop 2, Phil Tippett began filming what would become Mad God. His work on Jurassic Park led him to believe the days of stop motion were over and the film was shelved.

Twenty years later, with the encouragement of members of his studio, Tippett began working on the project again utilizing crews of volunteers to assist him.

So on the weekends I would get as many as 15 and 20 people coming round. They didn’t all have the talent or skill, but I’d figure out the processes during the week. I had them do all the heavy lifting.

With aid from Kickstarter donations, Tippett was able to create the first three sections which make up about half of the film. Tippett released behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube during production. Mad God is now out on the festival circuit. 

Source: Wikipedia entry for Mad God

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