Modo 15.1 - Workflow Refined

Jul 23, 2021 at 06:00 am by Press Release

The second of three releases in the 15 series, Modo 15.1 reinforces our commitment to workflow refinement and feature additions that meaningfully improve the creation process. OmniHaul introduces gesture-based control of tool properties and channels that can be fully customized. Curve Booleans offer a new way to develop 2D designs that can easily be leveraged to create complex geometry. Deferred and Paused Evaluation dramatically improves interactivity for procedural modeling and even performance-intensive rigs. Many more powerful additions have been made to 15.1, ensuring that Modo will continue to make the lives of artists and designers easier and more productive.

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Direct Modeling

Modo defined what good modeling workflow means... With every release it has grown in power and flexibility. Users can rapidly create and manipulate geometry with a tremendous array of context-aware tools. New additions to the 15 series include Curve Booleans, many enhancements to geometry booleans and unsubdivide. Chamfer Edit has also been improved to support an array of new capabilities.

Rendering & Shading

Modo is renowned for its powerful preview rendering window. mPath QuickCam is the first step towards adding this functionality to the new physically-based path trace renderer. Users can now navigate through a scene within the standard render window, including the ability to “look around” similar to game navigation. Dispersion is also now supported in mPath with minimal effect on render times, even with depth of field enabled.

Animation & Rigging

Rigging and Animation are often treated as an isolated set of features in other applications. Instead, Modo treats these tools more holistically, emphasizing their use in asset creation, design iteration and communication. The Stack Node enables visualization of stack-based relationships within the schematic node graph. Rig Clay, enables user-defined gestural control and now supports control of meshops.

Performance and Continuity

With every release of Modo, performance improvements are treated as a feature. We’ve added support for Python 3 and QT5. The MeshFusion Workflow overhaul addresses performance from a workflow and design perspective making MeshFusion a more joyful experience. Deferred and Paused Evaluation improves interactivity for MeshOps and Deformers, reducing performance bottlenecks.

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