AMD releases Radeon ProRender 3.2 for Blender and Maya

Jul 14, 2021 at 06:30 am by -gToon

AMD has released updates for its Blender and Maya ProRender plug-ins. ProRender is AMD's physically accurate renderer that has gotten a lot of praise recently. The plug-ins are free at the download button below. 
New in the Blender 3.2 ProRender plug-in
  • Subsurface Scattering and Volume shaders now work in RPR 2.0. This allows the rendering of organic materials, such as skin, which absorb light into their interior. Volume shaders can now also be used for simple fog boxes. Also, the Volume Scatter node is supported.
  • Viewport denoising and upscaling improves the interactivity and speed of Viewport rendering. With the use of the Radeon Image Filter Library, this allows Radeon ProRender to render at half resolution faster, and then upscale to the full size of the Viewport.
  • Deformation motion blur gives accurate motion blur to objects which are being deformed, for example, a flag flapping in the wind or a ball squashing. Besides, motion blur export has been optimized, and a setting for disabling deformation motion blur has been added.
  • A new RPR Toon Shader has been added. This enables cartoon-style shading for a non-photorealistic look. Toon shaders can be used in a “simple” mode for just setting a color or a gradient of different colors for shadow vs lit areas of the object.
  • Support for Blender 2.93 has been added.
  • The look of “blocky” displacements has been significantly improved by enabling subdivision by default on objects with displacement shaders. However, this does render slower and can be overridden with the RPR Object Subdivision settings.
  • Support has been added for Reflection Catcher and Transparent background in the Viewport in the Full mode.
  • Outline rendering (formerly called Contour rendering) is now moved to the view layer AOV section. Outline rendering can be enabled just as the other AOVs. The rendering process with Outline rendering enabled will take two passes per view layer, with the second doing the Outline rendering.
  • Support for (Shutter) Position in the Motion Blur settings has been added. This uses the cycles setting to control the shutter opening around the frame number.
  • Support for the Voronoi Texture node is added.
More info on ProRender here and on the Maya plug-in here
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