Artbreeder: Neural-network-powered art

Jul 02, 2021 at 08:00 am by nemirc

While I was browsing the internet, I found out about this website called Artbreeder. Artbreeder is a neural-network artwork generator. You can create creatures, portraits, landscapes, characters, and more.

Using Artbreeder is fairly simple. You can register for a free account (although you can create a paid account that lets you upload more images and download high resolution artwork) and then you select the “Create” option at the top. Then, you are given the option to create different kinds of pieces.

For my first trial I made an animal. Basically, what I did was create a hybrid between a dog and a squid (let’s call it the “deep dog one” for the Lovecraft fans out there). The results were “interesting” you could say.

In this category you are given the option to add some genes, so I began to add genes at random to see what happened. I added monkey genes, cat genes, and even some blow-fish genes. One of the results was this weird dog that seemed straight out of John Carpenter’s The Thing, the second one looked like a multi-legged dog and the last one was a tiny dog with a Siamese’s black mask.

Then I went to try out the character creation. This one creates full body characters, and some of them were interesting. I was hoping I could create humanoid creatures or aliens, but the options seem to be very limited (mostly options for clothing, coloring, but that’s it). Also, something I found odd is how the app kept creating females even if I had set the “Female” slider to 0 or even -2.

I also tried out the portrait section. I was testing around different things and I saw some portraits had very good definition, but others looked more distorted. I think this section could be interesting if you want to create faces for your characters, and even deformed faces for monsters or mythical creatures.

As I said before, there’s a paid option that lets you upload images and download higher resolution images. However, for basic usage the free membership is enough. In my case, I think this could be useful as a concept creation tool, where I can come up with a lot of different ideas very quickly, and then settle for one that I could develop further.

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