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May 22, 2021 at 04:00 am by nemirc

Even though I have decided to use Reallusion’s CC3 for my projects for the foreseeable future, I am always interested in tools that make your work easier, including tools that make your human creation easier. This time I bring you an online tool called Avatar SDK.

Avatar SDK is an online WebGL tool, created in Unity, that lets you create your own avatars from selfies. You can either choose an image from the samples window, or upload your own. Then, you have three options, either create a full body avatar, a Head 1.2 avatar or a Head 2.0 avatar.

If you choose to create a full body avatar, you are given the option to pick the gender, height, weight and chest/waist/hips measures. I know it may be a little bit picky, but I feel those options are too limited and don’t allow you to create a fully personalized avatar body. If you have read my MetaHuman Creator article, you know I had a similar impression from that app. Then, you can change your avatar’s clothing by choosing an outfit from the library included in the app.

Selecting the “Head 1.2” option creates an avatar that includes the shoulders. In this view mode, you can apply a few different animations to the avatar. You can also download the avatar (you can’t download full body avatars).

Lastly, the “Head 2.0” option creates a head + neck avatar. You can also download this avatar if you want.

I need to clarify avatars are not rigged, though. When you download the avatar, you get an .OBJ model with the texture. What this means is you can’t animate your avatars yourself, unless you go through the process of facial rigging. The avatar is comprised of a base head mesh (and, from what I see, this app has a base head it uses to project all the selfies you upload) and the hair mesh, that seems to be generated on the fly (and has a 3d-scanned look to it).

According to the website, you can use your avatars with lip sync tools like Oculus LipSync or SALSA. However, I couldn’t try that myself since it seems that is only available on the paid version, as it lets you download phonemes.

Avatar SDK has different pricing models depending on what you need. If you need to create up to 6,000 avatars per month, you can use the service for $200 a month. If you need more than that, you can pay $500 a month for up to 25,000 avatars per month. The full information is below.


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