Maxon's 3D Design and Motion Show - Mar 17th Presentation Schedule Announced!

Mar 10, 2021 at 04:54 pm by -gToon

Join us online March 17th at 8:30AM PST / 11:30AM EST / 5:30AM CET on The Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show to soak in some valuable tips, techniques and real-world production workflows using Cinema 4D, Redshift and the Red Giant suite of products.

Save the date: March 17th!
Presentations start at 8:30 AM PST and here's what to expect:

Some exciting news and announcements from Maxon.

  • Jonas Pilz will share workflows for creating procedural rails, streets and power lines with MoGraph and Xpresso. Including materials and rendering in Redshift.
  • Elly Wade will show you how she created ‘Release the Kraken,' using simple techniques in Cinema 4D. Including textures and cinematic fog using Redshift.
  • "Noseman" will once again share some incredibly useful Cinema 4D tips and techniques involving dynamic scene creation for maximum flexibility.
  • Hashi will demonstrate how displacement maps can be used to create the modern filmic look of cloaked or invisible things. Working with After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Red Giant tools, Hashi shows the best way to create an invisible Jet from Wonder Woman 1984 or an invisible monster lurking in the fog.

See the full schedule:

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