M.D. McCallum Shares Top Computer Graphics Stories from 2020

Dec 31, 2020 at 12:40 pm by -gToon

Second in our top stories of 2020 series featuring M.D. McCallum's take on last year. 

2020 was a difficult year for all of us, to say the least, but what was it like in the world of computer graphics? While there was an overall economic downturn, many businesses in the computer graphics and digital art fields had a very good year economically. Some of this is due to the fact that computer graphics and digital arts moved to online sales and development years before the pandemic kept everyone at home in front of their computers.  

The pandemic actually created a higher demand for entertainment (online, in particular) which in turn pushed the demand for software, media creation and hardware used to create them. Sources like Business Wire indicate that computer graphics will be a 40+ billion dollar business by 2025. 

So with all of this demand for content, what were the top tech stories for 2020 in computer graphics?. We asked our staff of writers what they thought and we had a lot of ideas. So many, we’ve decided to break each writer’s comment into separate articles. 

M.D. McCallum (Warlord720)

No matter how it affected you, 2020 is one for the ages. A year we hope to forget but are likely to always keep somewhere in the back of our minds. It may even become a bellwether for other events in our life, something to compare things too. 

Looking back, it... fighting with Windows 10 Update became more than hit or miss for me. It became my 2020 thing. So much so I wrote about some of my experiences with it:

Quite a few projects were called off or never got the attention they deserved due to all the complications, but a bright spot was the release of the SkinGen plug in from Reallusion.

A lot of readers learned that working full time from home was not exactly a piece of cake while others took right to it. 

Since it was 2020 I also, reluctantly, got back into testing for VR sickness, not one of my more favored endeavors. With more people home there were more people feeling the terrible effects of VR sickness particularly in driving simulations.

To top it off... I had to replace my 87-year-old Mother’s computer... still on Windows 7 but she jumped right into Windows 10 without a clue what might await her with future updates. Oh well... we can’t protect everyone.

I hope 2021 finds us all in better shape, mentally, physically and financially.

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