Akeytsu 2020.3 Release Highlights

Dec 28, 2020 at 04:00 am by Press Release

We deliver a first pass on the Space Switching ie Dynamic Parenting constraint with version 2020.3 right on time for Christmas. This comes together with a unified timeline experience to facilitate multi-character animation following up on the addition of Cameras in our previous release. We also updated our akeyboy test character model to give him a modern look and illustrate the use of Space Switching. Sky Surfer also gets a board and a gun that you can play around with as well as a new Sky Jump animation showcasing Space Switching.

You can read about the highlights of this release below. Our technical documentation has been updated. Visit release history for the full changelist.


For those who are not familiar with Space Switching also called Dynamic Parenting in other software packages, this lets you link a joint to another so that they behave as if they had a parent-child relationship. In other words the object that is space switched becomes related to the object that is defined as the origin of the space. Move, Rotate and Scale transforms of the targeted objects (Joint, IK, RF...) are inherited from MRS values of the assigned Space or Dynamic Parent object. Contrary to tree hierarchy this constraint is dynamic and can evolve in time by adding keys to "switch space". 

As a case in point you want to consider a juggling act in which the ball is first related to one hand before being related to character node when mid-air to finally land in the other hand. This type of constraints becomes extremely important when you want your character to interact with props be they weapons, accessories or other things. Since values of the dynamically parented objects are offset from the dynamic parent, this creates a direct dependency and makes for much cleaner baked FBX exports that do not need to be manually tweaked.

It also has the good virtue of saving tons of time when keyframing props that move relative to a specific joints which opens up tons of possibilities to create convincing animations featuring a character and an object.

Beta notice : Space switching is flagged as Beta for now. We delivered something permissive and flexible that can be easily used but we anticipate workflow and UI improvements early 2021 to improve user experience.

You can find more information at the Akeytsu website: https://bit.ly/3nSXlrz
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