Digital human creation with Reallusion: Multi-part outfit part 1

Dec 07, 2020 at 07:00 pm by nemirc

Welcome back to my Reallusion series. This time I am explaining how I I am creating a multi-part outfit for a video game character. This outfit will be comprised of a cape, a strapless blouse, a skirt and stockings (with straps), and each part is a different model. I made it this way for two reasons: first, because I think separate parts are easier to manage and tweak (including tweaking the weights); and second, because that would allow me to mix-and-match parts in case I wanted to have other outfits. 

The first step was to create the outfit. In previous times I’ve explained how I create tight or sort-of-tight clothing, but to give you the quick explanation this is what I do. I make a duplicate of the body and then delete everything but the faces I need for that specific outfit (for example, delete everything but the hips and thighs to use that as a base for a skirt) and then I modify that geometry to fit my needs. On the other hand, the cape was just hand-modeled from a cylinder, adding edge loops as I needed. 

Then I created an opening on every side of the skirt to make it look nicer. I also smoothed the cape and adjusted the shape so it didn’t go into the character’s body. Lastly, to make the stockings I connected the fingers into a single surface. 

To turn these models into Character Creator outfits, you go to the “Create / Accessory...” command and then import the model. You may need to adjust the position of the model a little, so adjust it the best you can, and then fix any surface interpenetration with the mesh editing tools. 

After doing this, I decided to test the clothing with a pose. I loaded a pose from the Content library and this is the result. As you can see there are two main problems. The first problem is the interpenetration in some parts, which can be fixed if I spend more time with the mesh editing tools and also tweaking the weights. The second problem is the “feet” of the stockings. 

The foot of the stocking was easy to fix, though. When I converted the stockings to clothing, I chose the “Default” option. I re-transferred the weights, using “Shoe” this time and it worked just fine. 

Another thing you can notice in the “test pose” image is how the skirt looks like it’s rigidly bending. To fix that, I re-transferred the weights and I chose the “Dress” option this time. This made the skirt have a nicer bend, although it still has some issues, as you can see. However, this can be fixed using the Weighting tools.

Next, I will continue with the texturing part of the outfit, using Substance Painter, Designer and I will also add wrinkles using normal maps.  

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