V-Ray Learning Adventures: Part 3

Nov 30, 2020 at 11:21 am by nemirc

Hello again and welcome back to my V-Ray learning adventures! I figured this was the time to start experimenting with scenes, but this first scene consists on just a few walls and a few windows. My goal was to setup materials and use metallic channels, since I am using assets from Unity, with PBR textures. You can see the scene I created in the image below. 

As I said, I used the PBR textures from the assets. These assets have a color, normal and metallic textures, so I added all of them to my V-Ray materials. I am still experimenting with the best options for the metallic texture, so chances may vary as I progress. 

The first thing I did was simply create a point light and move it around the scene while checking the real time viewport. 

However, my real goal was to test lights coming through the windows, so I created some light rectangles and placed them behind the windows. I also turned off “Cast shadows” in the attribute editor so the lights could go through the window object.  

However, I noticed the effect was not exactly like what I wanted because the window wood beams were not casting shadows. 

I decided to move away one of the glass objects and the result is what you see below. As you can see, the light on the left is now creating shadows from the window wood beams, and there’s a nice light effect on the bottom of the window frame, something missing in the other two windows. Somehow the object was still stopping the light, even if the “Cast shadows” setting was turned off. 

One thing I tried was to make the material more transparent, by adjusting the Refraction Color of the window material. This allows the light go through the window. 

And now, if I set the lights to invisible, I get the result seen below.  

While I like the final result, I don’t quite like that the glass is pretty much invisible now, since I had to adjust the transparency. I am guessing there’s another way to do this while still keeping the nice glass material fully visible. Off the top of my head, maybe I can use Maya’s light linking to do this, but I’m not entirely sure. 

I will continue working on this scene, adding more stuff and moving things around and I will report the results. See you next time! 

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