Digital human creation with Reallusion: Custom outfits

Oct 20, 2020 at 11:21 pm by nemirc


Character Creator includes a few clothing items as part of the install. On top of that, you can purchase more content from the Reallusion Marketplace. However, sometimes you may not find what you’re looking for in either of those, or you may require a specific outfit for your character. Fortunately, Character Creator also allows you to create your own clothing. For your characters.

Reallusion offers a body template on their website, and you can use it to create your own outfits. The template is basically a set of male, female and neutral figures, that you can use as a starting point for your models. Since I was going to create an outfit for Amelia, I chose the female figure and created a pair of leggings.

You export that outfit model as FBX (you have to use FBX 2011 for better results) and then you import it into Character Creator as an accessory. After it’s imported, just adjust it to your model using the mesh modification tools (moving vertices, sculpting) to fix any interpenetration issues you may run into. I just need to mention that you need to use the default figure when you are configuring your outfit, so weights, to make sure the outfit will work correctly.

When you are done adjusting the outfit, simply transfer the weights from your character to your outfit. Weight transfer works perfectly, I don’t think you will need to tweak those weights unless you are creating a very special outfit. The image below shows how well the leggings follow Amelia’s body without any real issue.

While the outfit worked just fine, I didn’t quite like how the topology was different, because that made the leggings be somewhat loose compared to what I wanted (I wanted them to stick to her skin like real-life leggings. To do this, what I did was to export the base character as FBX and imported it into Maya, and then remade the leggings.

For texturing, I used Substance Designer, but I won’t go into details because that software is not the focus of this article. As you may know, Unreal Engine supports Substance files, but I decided to export the textures and bring them into Character Creator because I want all my shaders to be automatically created with the CC auto-setup.

To be honest, I was worried the leggings wouldn’t work as expected, because they are very tight fitting. However, the weight transfer worked perfectly and, after adding them to Amelia, I only needed to make some minor adjustments around the glutes.

Similarly, I made a top, and I converted it to a custom outfit using the process above. Another thing you can do is hide the body parts that are covered by the outfit. This is useful if you want to avoid any possible skin going through the outfit, but also to tell Character Creator to delete those parts when exporting the character.

After setting up the clothing and configuring hidden body parts, I sent the character to Unreal Engine. The following image shows Amelia and the stalker I created in Character Creator.

And here’s a closer look of Amelia.

And these are the original characters. As you can tell, the Character Creator characters look a lot better.

In the next article I will go back to iClone and how to use it to animate my characters.

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