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Hello fellow humans! My real name is Luis Mario Carlini Ruocco but I'm better known as Cosmik Madness. I'm an Argentinian freelance digital artist, animator, and musician. I started using Blender when I was working on my college diploma, almost 10 years ago.

I love old Science Fiction B-movies and fantasy RPGs and that's why I started making my own little world, called Cosmik Madness, full of strange characters.

The inspiration behind Gooey

Gooey is a group photo, which gathers an array of characters that visit a strange, colorful, and Gooey planet. World-building is really important for me, so I always try to put as much visual storytelling into my work as possible.

Modeling, layout, shading (and fashion DIY)

People always ask me, "Hey Cosmik, how can I make my own hat?" Well... here we have Devi who is going to show us with simple steps how we can make our own hats.

"Now you can fill it with your favourite ice-cream and you are ready to kill it on the runway!"

For the layout, the character position was delimited by an imaginary box to frame the picture. The only object extending beyond this “limit” was the fluid itself, to show that this little scene was contained in frame, but is part of a bigger world.

"Look at me Dad, I'm in the picture!!!"

Modeling for Cosmik Madness characters is based on simple shapes and proportions; the placement of objects can make or break the cuteness of a character.

Working with loose parts and interconnected shapes makes the process of refining the designs from the layout shape and posing the characters a lot easier. You can easily move and rework an entire character/pose making every iteration really simple.

“To make the characteristic Cosmik Madness mouth you can follow the first step on Andrew Price donuts tutorial”

The fluid was made by randomly selecting faces on the umbrella, applying a solidify modifier, and scaling the object along its normals. A similar method was used for the floor splash with half a sphere projected on the floor using a shrinkwrap modifier.

The shading in Gooey is pretty straightforward: mix flat colors using geometry pointiness with a color ramp in the factor value to make the adjustments more precise. And for the fluids, I used a musgrave texture to mix the two shaders.

Lighting, post-processing

I always try to use very bright and vibrant colors—finding the right color combination is a big part of the design process.

Since the background is also full of color, to illuminate the characters I create a rim light, which helps to make the characters more legible and separates them from the background.

"I'm Batman!"

For the post-processing, I used a custom LUT in Photoshop that I had made for a previous work and adjusted the sharpness of the image using a high-pass filter in overlay mode.

If you would like to know more about the Cosmik Madness characters in my little universe, you can find my work on Instagram.


Final Image

This scene is not sponsored by Cosmik Laundromat Inc. the best laundromat in Sector f3345b

And quoting one of the biggest thinkers of our era "That's all, Folks!"

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