Nightmare Puppeteer Giveaway Contest!

Sep 24, 2020 at 10:00 am by -gToon

Renderosity Magazine is offering 5 free Steam keys for Nightmare Puppeteer, the just-released weird animation machine by M dot Strange. This amazing game machine (based on the Unity game engine) gives the user the ability to create strange music videos, graphics, scenes and animation using a puppet-based scene and animation system. It's completely unlike any 3D application you have ever used before. 

Here is M dot Strange on why he created Nightmare Puppeteer



How do I get my free Steam Key?

All you have to do is watch M dot Strange's "Why I made Nightmare Puppeteer" video (see above) and answer the question, "Why did M dot Strange make Nightmare Puppeteer?". Send your answer with our contact form. (Clue: there is more than one right answer). The first five correct answers get free Steam keys (meaning you get a free copy!). 

We will update this article when the five keys have been awarded, so be sure to watch the video above and send in your answer ASAP! Once the 5th key has been awarded then the contest is over. 



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