SIGGRAPH 2020: Exhibition and courses

Sep 07, 2020 at 12:00 pm by nemirc

While exploring SIGGRAPH 2020, I took the time to check out some exhibitor presentations and also some courses. Browsing the exhibitors this time is obviously different to previous events. This time you were presented with a list of the exhibitors and some information about them, including meeting scheduling information.

One of the exhibitors I checked out was Unity. Unity had a few interesting presentations to watch. The first one was about ArtEngine. ArtEngine is a software originally developed by Artomatrix, and it’s intended to make it easy for developers to produce textures from photographs. In the presentation they explain how their AI-assisted software does all of this. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will take a look at Artomatrix in the future because I am not a fan of their demo model: to try out ArtEngine for 14 days, you need to get a Unity Pro subscription, then “pre-purchase” your ArtEngine subscription so you can try it out for 14 days and then opt out of the subscription renewal.

Another presentation was how they developed ComicCon@Home in conjunction with other companies. As I understood, they created a mobile app that allowed you to navigate ComicCon in a virtual way.

Maxon also had a presentation about creating characters with Willie and Jill Russell. This presentation was in a tutorial form, and they walked you through the process and tools they use to creating their characters using Cinema 4D.

I have been curious about Augmented Reality for a while, so I checked out a course about that subject. The course was 3 hours long and it explained a lot of things. This will surely be useful if you are interested in AR. Personally, I don’t fully understand AR applications but I want to learn more and get into that (not only for games), so I will need to revisit that one more slowly.

Another presentation I saw was about implementing VR in museums. I am going to be honest, I am not really big into VR, partially because I get disoriented easily, but I do see VR can be applied for a lot of different things. This talk talked about a lot of issues they had when implementing VR, which are really important because sometimes tech-oriented people take VR for granted.

For example, things like preventing every day users from getting motion sickness, bumping into things or injuring themselves, and even getting used to the VR sets. While this presentation was about using VR in museums, I think anyone who wants to deploy VR for “mass consumption” can learn a thing or two about it, specially if your target audience is the non-tech-oriented crowd.

Other presentations I saw included more VR, online collaboration, cloud services, and content creation software. Luckily, a lot of these sessions are available on-demand, so they can be rewatched while the SIGGRAPH 2020 allows it.

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