AMD releases Radeon ProRender 2.5 for Blender

Aug 25, 2020 at 12:01 pm by Press Release

AMD has just released a brand-new update to the Blender version of its free PBR renderer - ProRender.This version has support for the upcoming Blender 2.9 release coming later this month. Here are the details:

Version 2.5.1

New Features

  • Beta support for RPR 2.0 and the capability of using it for Viewport Rendering has been added. This also gives better support for Point and Spot light softness parameters. For equivalent sample counts, in most scenes, the noise should be lower, and scaling of render speeds across multiple devices should be better.
  • The ML Denoising filter speed has been improved.
  • The viewport shading panel has been added in the viewport render mode.
  • Support for “Multiply Add” in the Math node has been added (thanks to user cmdrf for their contribution).
  • Support for muting nodes with the “M” key in the shader editor has been added.
  • Support for the Local mode with the “/” key in the viewport has been added.
  • The Object Info node is now supported in the Full mode.
  • The default adaptive tile size has been increased to 32 for adaptive rendering, which gives better results when rendering with multiple GPUs. A new setting in Viewport Sampling called “Samples per second” has been added, with the default being 15. This setting is roughly analogous to “Frames per second”. The viewport render resolution is adjusted during rendering to try and maintain this interactivity. There is also a “Minimum viewport resolution” setting which limits resolution downscaling. For users with high resolution displays, this adaptive resolution can maintain a much better viewport experience.
  • Support of image sequences of textures and sequences of animated OpenVDB files has been added.
  • Final rendering no longer uses the setting “Update samples”. Renders are exponentially updated after 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and every 32 samples thereafter. This is done to maximize performance, especially with RPR 2.0. Viewport rendering is unchanged.
  • For users interested in testing the latest developments in the Radeon ProRender for Blender plugin, a weekly “Development Build” will be posted on future Mondays. See or follow the repository on github to get weekly updates.
  • Support for Blender 2.90



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