Siggraph 2020 and our Core Partners Participation

Aug 15, 2020 at 07:57 pm by -gToon

Virtual Siggraph 2020 starts tomorrow (August 17, 2020) and Renderosity Magazine would like to share with you how our Core Partners are participating in this exciting conference. Since the event is virtual this year (due to the novel coronavirus pandemic) there won't be a trade show floor, so some of our Core Partners are not participating this year. But the majority are and if you will examine the list below you will see how. 

Siggrap 2020 provides for four levels for attending the conference: basic attendee, enhanced attendee, ultimate attendee and ultimate supporter. Each level allows for increased access to convention events. You can see a chart that explains the levels here:

Basic attendee is only $50 and enhanced attendee is $200 with students/unemployed for $100. You can register here:


Siggraph 2020 Dates and Schedule

Beginning 17 August on-demand content will be available. This will allow exploration, learning, and the opportunity for participants to review presentations in advance of interactive sessions with contributors beginning 24 August. Additionally, 24-28 August will include other various “can’t miss” scheduled sessions (all scheduled sessions take place in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC/GMT -7). For the convenience of participants, note on-demand content will continue to be available for viewing through 27 October.


Core Partners Siggraph Events



  • Exhibitor session: On-demand
  • Adobe 3D & Immersive: 2020 R&D Highlights  
  • Davide Pesare, Head of Labs and Films Specialist, 3D& Immersive, Research & Labs, Adobe

          The 3D teams at Adobe are working on a number of exciting new projects. From research to prototypes,

          discover some highlights we would like to share. Davide presents some technologies we are working on.

  • Birth of a Feather session: Tuesday, 25 August at 10:00 AM PST
  • MaterialX: An Open Standard for Network-Based CG Object Looks 
  • David Larsson, Senior Software Engineer, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

          David will participate in a BOF session to discuss the latest developments in MaterialX.
          More info here




Autodesk Showcases Arnold, Bifrost and MaterialX at SIGGRAPH 2020. Despite the event being fully virtual this year, we have 5 contributions to the SIGGRAPH conference. What you may not know about Autodesk is that we don’t just develop software – we also contribute to the research community, welcoming other researchers to leverage our work, and kickstart a development cycle where we can in the end create something that helps our customers tell their stories.

So what’s on tap for Autodesk this year? We’ll be presenting two technical papers based on Arnold research, one technical talk based on Bifrost research, and we’ll be presenting in two courses: “Physically Based Shading” and “Advances in Monte-Carlo Rendering.”

Finally, the SIGGRAPH courses program offers the chance for attendees to deepen their understanding of a particular topic and for experts to give back and share their knowledge. This year we're contributing to two courses.

The "Physically Based Shading" course presents recent ground-breaking work in topics like material modeling, sampling, volume rendering. Our contribution is a talk on MaterialX physically based shading nodes, which is a collaboration with our own Niklas Harrysson and Jonathan Stone from Lucasfilm.

The "Advances in Monte-Carlo Rendering" course presents the state-of-the-art methods in photo-realistic light transport simulation. Our contribution is a talk from Iliyan Georgiev on advanced sampling techniques for rendering complex lighting effects.




Chaos Group



  • Open Source Days - Academy Software Foundation.
  • Nuke Family - Tuesday, August 25. Register for Siggraph 2020 with code FOUNDRY20.
  • Look Development & Lighting - Wednesday, August 26. Register for Siggraph 2020 with code FOUNDRY20.
  • 3D Design - Thursday, August, 27.




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