Getting Ready for Virtual Siggraph 2020

Aug 13, 2020 at 03:35 pm by -gToon

The oldest and largest computer graphics convention is taking place online this year. This is a radical change for Siggraph made necessary by the awful coronavirus pandemic. For the first time in Siggraph’s 46-year history the entire event will be virtual. This means that this year’s organizing team had to completely re-think the convention mode in a relatively short time as organizers are elected at least a year in advance.

How do you rethink an event where part of its attraction is meeting new people and making new connections in person? And the main trade show floor where you meet and discuss in real-time aspects of companies products and ideas. One of my favorite things to do at Siggraph was to wander the trade show floor and visit booths that caught my eye. I’ve got relationships with companies that go back a decade after meeting them on the Siggraph trade-show floor. How to find a way to re-create this experience online?

But I can think of no better organization that Siggraph to face this daunting challenge. And I am eager to discover the solutions the Siggraph 2020 crew have come up with.

Brief Outline of Siggraph 2020

Siggraph 2020 will include both on-demand presentations and scheduled sessions. Basic Registration fees for a general attendee is $50 which entitles you to access select conference programming including the ACM Siggraph Frontier Talks, Exhibition, Exhibitor Sessions and Job Fair.

Computer Animation Festival Tickets. You can purchase Electronic Theater access for $20 which gives you 48 hours to view the reel as many times as you like. Unlock your code after the premiere on Monday, Aug 24 and before Friday, Aug 28 at 8:59PM pacific.

Beginning August 17 on-demand content will be available online. Content includes many of Siggraph’s traditional subjects like the Art Gallery (my favorite), Art papers, Birds of a Feather, Happy Hour, various courses, Emerging Technologies, Immersive Pavilion, Job Fair, Games, Production Sessions, Panels, a Keynote session and more.

Siggraph 2020 offers [Exhibitor Sessions]( where you can interact with the latest software/hardware developers and service companies. There is a schedule which starts on August 24th. Several of the session look quite intriguing. There is also a large on-demand list of Exhibitor Sessions that I plan on scouting.

One of our favorite companies is Maxon. They will be making several on-demand sessions available like “Cinema 4D as a Tool to Create Happiness Through Mathematics and Dancing Flamingos”.

Reallusion is also making on-demand sessions available. I’m keen to learn more about their fantastic SkinGen plug-in for Character Creator 3.

For an at-a-glance look at the Siggraph 2020 schedule you can follow this link:

At-a-Glance Schedule

More Renderosity Magazine Coverage

One positive aspect of the change to a virtual conference is that it allows more than one Renderosity reporter to attend. This year we will have at least three regular staff writers attending the conference and writing about what they are discovering there. I’ll be posting my daily experiences as usual.

Very excited about this year’s conference. It will be a challenge, but I’m up for it!

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