Amazon Releases Lumberyard Version 1.25 of their Game Engine

Jul 21, 2020 at 01:25 pm by Press Release

Let's kick off the start of summer with the release of Lumberyard 1.25! It may not be sparkling white beaches and the gentle murmur of palm trees swaying in a soft coastal breeze, but it's fresh and new and packed with some great features – such as a new user interface, GPU-enabled NVIDIA Cloth support, a new White Box Tool to help you play with the fundamentals of your levels, and Script Canvas Functions – as well as over 120 bug fixes. And while it may not soothe your weary game developer's soul like the cool waters of a beachfront pool and a tropical beverage, it'll hopefully boost your productivity and keep you moving forward with your game projects. And if it doesn't? Well, you know where to find us!

(Oh, and there's a new version of Starter Game waiting for you, now with minty-fresh PhysX support, improved assets, and full Script Canvas integration. Enjoy!)

As we continue to improve Lumberyard, we want to thank everyone in our community whose suggestions help us make a better product every release. Since the initial launch, we've overhauled over 70% of the original code base, and we're working like crazy to make Lumberyard the best dang game engine out there.

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Looking to get v1.25 of Amazon Lumberyard, or interested in giving it a spin? Download it here.

New to Lumberyard? Watch Learn Lumberyard in 20 Minutes. (And maybe subscribe to our official Lumberyard YouTube channel, too!)

Already a user? Share your feedback in the Amazon Lumberyard forums.

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